Bee Wellness

wellness & Rehab Facility for Older Adults and individuals with Mobility needs

Harold had a spinal cord injury 9 and a half years ago. He was told he would never walk but here he is today: walking on a treadmill!

Go Harold Go!

Ann came to us with no mobility on her stroke side and, as you can see, now she has the capability to not only move her arm but to walk and laugh. 

She has recently been able to walk on her own with a cane and has become even more independent than before.




At 102 Dave wants to keep his independence and mobility and we are working with him on his leg strength.  Go Dave!!


​Ann pictured with Doug, another client and friend. Both are recovering from strokes.


​Our Success Stories


Steve had a stroke 3 months ago and wasn't able to walk. Now he can walk short distances with a cane and his wife by his side!

  Judy is a stroke recovery client who wants to stand and live her life to the fullest. Her success now is standing with assistance and being able to use her stroke hand a bit, as shown in the pictures.

Here you will meet some of our "family" who have come far from when they first came to see us.

  Post stroke- Larry has been working for a year on strengthening his leg to lift himself up without help. Today May 30 we accomplished a new beginning. 

The "Bee Wellness Can Can Dancers"

Featuring Joan, Candace, Janet, Myrna and Dorothy!