Bee Wellness

wellness & Rehab Facility for Older Adults and individuals with Mobility needs

Frequently Asked Questions & What We Do

Bee Wellness Client Testimonials

“After hip replacement I needed to find a rehabilitation therapist. A friend who had remarkable improvement in mobility following a stroke recommended Bee Wellness. Bee Wellness provides a cheerful, supportive, well equipped environment. Candace’s ability to assess individual needs and develop and apply a rehabilitation plan allowed me to progress so well to the point where I was driving month before expected. In fact, I enjoyed going to Bee Wellness so much I stayed for the exercise sessions after specific hip rehab was over.” - Bee Wellness Client

“I have been attending Candace's classes for over five years. They have done wonders for my fitness level. Prior to attending her classes, I had “donated” to many gyms and been an exercise drop out, usually because I would hurt myself. With Candace's excellent supervision, this is very unlikely to happen unless you choose to do something you can or should not do. Her classes are fun and you can progress at your own level. This was the best thing I ever did for myself.” - Frances B., Bee Wellness Client

“After my first Functional Fitness class with Candace in July 2013, I knew I'd found the fitness program I wanted. Candace is an excellent instructor. Her skill, experience and knowledge are exceptional. She ensures that every class is challenging, varied and enjoyable. In addition, she is continually attentive to individual/group learning needs and safe practice. Thanks to Candace, I'm realizing my goal of fitness in retirement.” - Bee Wellness Client

“I have been attending classes of functional fitness with Candace for a few years now. I go 3 times a week and look forward to these classes. I'm in my mid-sixties with a few health issues which I have kept under control with the exercise classes. She is very knowledgeable and makes sure you are doing the exercises correctly and to your individual ability. I would recommend her highly. I have tried other programs and hers is the only program I have stayed with. I will continue the classes as long as I'm able; which, with her continued support, I hope will be a long time.” - Bonnie N., Bee Wellness Client

Why should you join us?

Here is a tip as to why you should be staying active through Functional Fitness & Training: Do you hope to maintain quality of life as you grow older? Is it important that you're able to perform your daily tasks, enjoy your recreational activities, and care for yourself? You probably would like to stay fit, trim, strong and mobile for as long as you possible can. If you do happen to have some physical limitations, you would want to halt or maybe even improve your condition. This doesn't have to be just wishful thinking. You don't have to accept frailty as you age!

Do I need a membership to receive Bee Wellness' services? You do not need to be a member to set-up Functional Rehab sessions with Bee Wellness, or to enroll in a class. If you are planning to join a class, the benefit of membership is that you will save 50% if you take more than two classes.

Use it or lose it! I am sure you have heard this phrase before.

Strength Training: The Primary Weapon Against Aging - They still haven't found the fountain of youth, but something close to it. Researchers at Tufts University exercise lab say that strength training is a potent age eraser. It is their weapon or choice for fighting physical declines associated with aging. (Deborah L. Mullen)

Mid-lifers who want to be active in their 70s, 80s, should be hitting the gym now.

Click here to check out an informative article on remaining active.

What programs are offered?

Candace and her instructors offer such programs as:

• Functional Fitness

• Functional One on One Rehab for people who need a little bit of work

• Yoga - various levels

• Strength & Resistance Programs

• Community & Long Term Care Programs


• Training workshops are offered for those who are working with the older adult population. Facilities and staff can learn how to deliver safe & effective programs. To learn more about these workshops please drop us a line to discuss what your group needs.

• Speaker Session Presentations & Demo Classes also offered.